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Glue spraying machine

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • The system design is reasonable, the operation is simple and easy to learn
  • 24-hour work does not die, stable and reliable control performance
  • At the speed of 300m/min, the precision of glue spraying can reach ± 1mm, and the quality of glue can be guaranteed
  • The size of each spray gun can be adjusted separately, can also point, line mixed spray, reduce the consumption of glue
  • It can save the cleaning time, reduce the Labor intensity and improve the production efficiency

Product Details

    The cold glue spraying system is characterized by high efficiency, flexibility, good stability and easy maintenance. It is necessary for the rapid and high-quality production of all kinds of paper boxes, four-hexagon boxes, hamburger boxes, potato chips boxes, folding pages, document bags, specifications and envelopes, now it has been widely welcomed by packaging manufacturers, in the packaging production line greatly improved production efficiency and save glue costs, but also to meet a variety of packaging production requirements.

    High-pressure Piston pump uses, 1:6 high-pressure Piston and control system information transmission, with automatic regulator, to ensure high efficiency and stability of glue injection.

    High-efficiency controller, system controller multi-function Modular design, non-stop touch screen to change the compensation settings, the controller has 99 different spray mode, while operating 1-10 glue guns, each gun is free to write and spray 8 different types of Glue.

    Applications, Carton, four-hexagon box, Burger box, potato chip box, folding, file bags, manuals, envelopes and other paper packaging products necessary, is the box machine, the box machine, Burger box machine, folding machine, double-chip barge machine best partner.

Five-channel control system

Model number:    HZ5 five-channel control system

Input Voltage:    220V AC (±20%) 50-60HZ

Product power:   480W

Number of spray guns:   Optional, up to five

Number of electric eyes:    Optional, up to five

Spray accuracy:   ±1mm

COLLOIDAL storage:    99 programs can be saved

Number of sections per gun:    Maximum 8 sections of different lengths

Product size:    300*200*220mm

Product weight:     9kg

Application of high pressure Piston pump

model:    HB8 FIVE-SHOT PUMP

Maximum viscosity of adhesive:    3000mPas

Efficiency per round trip:    90cm3

Gas Input:    6:1

Contour dimension:    480*330*160mm

Weight:    13kg

High-speed airbrush


Maximum pressure:   35bar

Maximum frequency:    500Hz

Contour dimension:    43*25*120mm

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