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What to replace after Plastic Straw is forbidden?

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    After the ban on plastic straws, many people are thinking about what to use instead of plastic straws. At present, there is no such thing as a ban on plastic straws for food and drink, except for the paper Straw used by starbucks. It is very difficult for friends who like to drink milk tea, if the joy of the straw is lost, what will replace the plastic Straw after it is banned? In fact, the ban is to protect the environment, plastic straw too polluting the environment.


    What to replace after Plastic Straw is forbidden?

    There are paper straws, there are other fiber plants straws, and these are all biodegradable.

    The paper Straw is more environmentally friendly, and it is produced after high temperature sterilization. The patterns on the paper Straw are basically green and environmentally friendly water-based ink, and there may not be any plastic Straw in the future. They are all replaced by paper straws, but don’t keep it in your drink for too long. Drink it as soon as you can.

    Why is there a ban on plastic?

    Plastic ban is mainly aimed at non-degradable plastic products that are difficult to recycle. Non-biodegradable Straw, shopping bags, plastic film is the most difficult to recover, so the need to prohibit the production and use. If you have time to look at the pollution of plastic particles to the ocean, you will know the extent of the pollution. The impact of plastic pollution on human survival is by no means alarmist. There is no major technical problem with biodegradable alternatives, mainly due to the current high cost, so plastic ban is not out of the question, you can find some alternative.

    How to view the end of the Prohibition of Plastic Straw?

    Ordinary businessmen want straws to be used as free drinks freebies, at the store’s own expense, and biodegradable straws are bound to add to the store’s costs.


    Now, you have two choices.

    One: continue to be free and spread the cost over drinks or other merchandise. In this way, your product will lose its relative competitiveness.

    Two: no drinks, reduced service.

    Obviously, the end result is that everyone doesn’t give it away for free, and then the straw is charged 1 yuan. Why? Biodegradable, eco-friendly. I don’t want to spend a dollar on straws, so I won’t use straws in the future.

    But there are still problems. Not Producing Plastic straws is not a problem for large state run enterprises, but the small workshops can not be banned and bad money drives out good money, which is not good for large enterprises either.

    To truly achieve environmental protection, the most important is the publicity and education, so that we can form a consensus, coupled with price-sensitive factors in the market economy, the withdrawal of plastic is not without opportunity.


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